Nail Cuticle Pusher Stainless Steel Remover Double Head Knife Spoon



This set offers diverse stainless steel cuticle tools that are long lasting, comfortable use and very easy to clean and to sterilise. The curved spoon shaped ends of the cuticle tools are used for pushing and shaping the cuticles and trimmers and knives for cleaning nails and removing of skin overgrowing the nail or leftover glue from acrylic nails.
Nail art accessories offered by us are perfectly suitable not only for private, but also professional use in nail salons.Fantastic gift for girls and women alike who value clean, strong and healthy nails.


Item Type: Cuticle Pusher
Material: Stainless Steel
Brand Name: Full Beauty
Size: Mixed 5 Type
Model Number: CH236*5
Item Condition: 100%Brand News
State : NEW Arrival
Styles : Cuticle Clean
Color : Silver
Designs : Remover Clearner
Type : Double-ended 5 Type
Nail Tools : Manicure Pedicure
Items : Nail Pusher Set
Package : 5pcs/sets

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